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Play Park MTX Socks are required for play on the playground.

- About Us -

Welcome to Play Park MTX

Welcome to Indoor Playground

Play Park MTX is a passion project for us.  We are funding this 100% out-of-pocket and without the aid of a franchise name or loans. We are veteran owned and family operated business.  Tired of driving 30+ minutes to indoor facilities, we began joking about opening a playground and somewhere in between the jokes, we took each other seriously and started planning. From that, Play Date MTX rose into existence.  Albeit, not as mighty and grand as we envisioned, but we’ll get there with your support.

Sadly, due to the sharp rise in inflation, namely materials costs and labor costs our original facility plan had to be scaled back drastically.  To be completely transparent, the buildout we originally budgeted and planned for quadrupled. We chose to still build out the playground and get our doors open, come what may.  

Why Choose Us

Mansfield's Largest Indoor Playground

We have future plans to add more party tables, and party rooms. Until we are able to fund this, seating is limited and the facility is less than “pretty”. 

What we ask from you is that you show us grace. We are working our full-time jobs, coaching, volunteering, and parenting all while also trying to launch this beast of a dream.  We are VERY aware of what we NEED to do and offer and are working diligently towards it.  Believe us, we eat, sleep, dream, and breathe this project.

Our vision is a place for families to gather and beat the heat and cold, where you can relax while your kiddo releases that pent up energy. We want it to be safe, affordable, and full of joy.

- Our Testimonials -

What The Players Say

Nicholas Wallace
Nicholas Wallace
I can’t say enough great things about our experience at PlayPark MTX for our daughter’s 4th birthday party! Right from the start, they were incredibly organized, providing us with all the necessary information and even making the waiver process a breeze for our guests upon arrival. When we got there, we were pleasantly surprised to find socks waiting for us on the table. What truly stood out to me was the exceptional service from owner Douglas and his staff. Despite having a record-setting day, they took the time to ensure everything went smoothly. Kennedy and Ostin were outstanding, going above and beyond to help in every way possible. I have no clue how they keep this place so clean, but they do an exceptional job! Our party day turned out to be far easier than I had anticipated thanks to all of them. The best part? PlayPark MTX doesn’t overwhelm the kids with loud music, flashy screens, or lights. Instead, it’s a haven of pure, controlled fun in a comfortable climate. If you’re looking for a fantastic place for your child’s party, PlayPark MTX is the answer. Kudos to the team for making our experience memorable and stress-free!
Jennifer Seals
Jennifer Seals
Friendly staff and clean facility! We are from out of town and visited to burn some of my 2 yr olds energy off. He had a blast!
Raelene Gentry
Raelene Gentry
Absolutely love coming here, I love that it isn’t a massive indoor playground and can easily see my son play with no issues. Amanda is wonderful and very informative ☺️
Skyla Eichelberger
Skyla Eichelberger
My son and I come here quite often. It's a great place to go with toddlers and let them play especially in 100+ degree weather. My son has Autism and alot of play places are overstimulating for him. But at Play Park he plays freely and has a blast. Everytime we go the space is clean and we have a membership so we go often. The owner and employees have always been nice and accommodating to us. We love this place.
Jaimie Lowe
Jaimie Lowe
Today was my first time here and my 2 year old toddler girls had a blast! The staff were incredibly informative of the process to play. Not sure why people are upset about paying for socks when you have to do the same thing for a trampoline park and bounce houses. The facility was very clean with a great temperature inside. I appreciate the staff addressing children and their parents for not following the rules to keep everyone safe. Nothing is worse than paying for playtime ruined by unruly kids. We will make this a weekly visit for my crew. Thanks for everything and Your Service!
David Campos
David Campos
I recently held my son's 6th birthday at this location this past July 2023. That I know of, this facility is one of the only indoor playgrounds in Mansfield. That fact alone is a plus for the city. As far as the facility itself, it's clean, fresh and cool with AC, and the playground structure is actually every spacious with a lot of levels for the kids to explore and play. If there is any drawback, and it's a very tiny one in my opinion, is that you have to walk to the bathroom, through a back door across the interior of FieldhouseUSA. Even then, the walk is really cool with AC and the bathrooms were spotless. I must say that the experience I had from the point of reservation to the day of the party was very welcoming. It was pleasant to speak with the owner, Doug, from beginning to end. He is very willing to listen and attend to you with the utmost courtesy. Take a chance and listen to his story. You can tell his heart and love is genuinely invested in his community. This place is his dream, and it is still growing. Play Park MTX can only get better, and I hope that as time goes by, the community's support will help this place reach its maximum potential for all families in Mansfield.

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