Play Park MTX

Play Park MTX Socks are required for play on the playground.


Birthday Parties FAQs

Yes, balloons without helium (latex or mylar inflated with air) are permitted.

Bringing in restricted items will result in an additional cleaning charge applied by Play Park MTX.

Yes, party owners must check in at the register before setting up. This ensures waivers are completed and payment details are on file.

Early arrival beyond 30 minutes requires prior written approval from Play Park MTX management.

Party owners are responsible for cleaning food debris, spills, and messes in their rented area.

Standard cleaning supplies like a broom, dustpan, towels, and disinfectant spray are available upon request.

Any area left in disarray will incur a $100 cleaning fee to the party owner.

Play Park MTX staff will remove tablecloths, wipe tables, and pick up paper trash from the floor.

A fee of $100 per half hour will be added if the party exceeds the two-hour time limit.

All party items must be removed from the tables, and the area should be cleaned by the end of the two-hour slot.

Yes, a two-hour time limit is set for party activities and cleanup.

Party guests are asked to vacate unreserved tables for open play guests.

Three party tables are reserved, and additional tables can be pre-reserved for $15 if available.

Yes, guests are welcome to move to open play tables if staying longer than the reserved party time.

Refer to the provided guideline to ensure a smooth experience and avoid going over the time limit.

Use the table guidelines provided by Play Park MTX for a pleasant and timely experience.

Yes, additional tables can be pre-reserved for $15 each, subject to availability.

There will be an additional fee of $100 for every half hour beyond the time limit if the tables aren’t vacated.

While Play Park MTX staff assists with specific cleaning tasks, party owners are responsible for their rented area’s thorough cleaning.

While there might not be specific instructions, it’s essential to ensure all food debris, spills, and messes are tidied up to avoid additional fees.

Yes, guests are welcome to continue to play in the open play area after the party’s reserved time ends.

For any special setup needs, you should reach out to Play Park MTX management for written approval beforehand.

Yes, the payment card is securely stored on file for any additional purchases or future visits.

Completing waivers is crucial for the party. If forgotten, approach the staff to ensure waivers are completed before setting up.

Leaving decorations and the cake in the car until after check-in helps to speed up the process, especially during busy times.

Yes, bringing your cleaning supplies can be helpful in promptly addressing any messes during the party.